Vegan Skincare products made with you in mind

MSA skin care is a natural, organic and vegan skincare brand that is cruelty and plastic free. It has been operating for over 1 year with an eco-friendly approach, which includes a re-fill service for customers.

All products are created by mother of 3 and founder Suprina Hilaire. She uses natural and sustainably sourced ingredients that are good for the skin and kind to the planet. MSA Skin Care is on a mission to empower women to be confident in their skin and to make the skincare routine an enjoyable experience as opposed to a chore.

The products help customers who have dry skin and dry eczema problem – which can be alleviated by the Vanilla and Sandalwood body butter available to buy from MSA Skincare website.

Here is how what happened when I caught up with founder of MSA Skincare, Suprina Hilaire:

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Tell us about your background and why you decided to get into the skincare business.

I am a single mother of three with a diploma in skincare formulation and Aromatherapy.

My first career was in education as an Assistant Teacher, which I did for 20 years. I have always had an interest in Aromatherapy and I started an essential oil collection years ago, which I used for my own personal use.

After getting married, having kids and then getting divorced, I realised I had always put my aspirations on hold, so my journey began to find myself and what I wanted to do. As a procrastinator it took me a while to finally push forward and start the business. Initially, I wasn’t a big skincare enthusiast as I used “simple” products. However, after receiving my first facial, I loved the way my skin felt. It was at that point that I started investing more time into learning about skincare products and practicing a regular skincare routine. As a sufferer of dry skin and a daughter who suffered with eczema, I got fed up with steroid creams and decided to make products, I knew I could trust.

What was your first product and how did you go about creating it?

Vanilla & Sandalwood Body Butter was my first product, which I created as part of an assignment on a skincare course I took. It was made with my dry skin in mind, as I needed something that would nourish skin naturally without the harsh chemicals.  It’s made from a selection of rich butters, plant-based carrier oils and essential oils for skin hydration.

What were some of your challenges when you started your skin care company? How did you overcome them?

I faced a number of challenges which included finding the right suppliers for ingredients as well as packaging, building brand awareness, especially on social media and creating an online presence. 

With regards to the online presence, I built my website myself during the first lockdown. I taught myself, used templates and managed to get a great looking final product.

When it came to suppliers, I did a lot of research myself, contacted potential suppliers and attended trade shows. Building brand awareness – this is still ongoing, but to start the process I joined a few membership groups and did some networking. 

A Lot of it was teaching myself and asking questions and would recommend this to anyone starting a business

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How did you overcome procrastination?

I have found ways to deal with procrastination, which can be seen by the fact that I started my business. For example, I thought I needed a number of qualifications (at least that’s what I told myself) in order to start my business. However, after being rejected for a course that I thought would help me, I decided I was just going to start the business anyway and remember saying this to a friend and that was it.

I believe in myself more now and so just tend to go for things that I put my mind to.

What is your bestselling product and why do you think customers like?

At the moment there are 2 top sellers: The Vanilla & Sandalwood Body Butter, which has a comforting smell and it nourishes dry skin as it sinks in. The other product is the hand spray. With everyone sanitising their hands a lot more, this is a great one as it is a spray not a gel and it doesn’t dry out your hands or leave them sticky.  Plus, there is a refill available.

Customers can buy these products directly from our online store here

What do you enjoy the most in your entrepreneurial journey?

Making the products and receiving great customer feedback of how the product has worked for them.  I also enjoy learning new things about myself and my determination.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a skincare company?

Persevere, get help, don’t do it alone, think about your support network, if in doubt, ask, look after yourself, take time out regularly. It’s ok to outsource and data is key, record it weekly.

Thanks for the insight into your business journey so far Suprina!