From Environmental Scientist to Pottery business owner

Naked Clay Ceramics is a collection of tactile, minimal style tableware and is owned by Carla Sealey. Using a combination of handbuilding and slip casting, everything is made by hand in Carla Sealey’s studio in Bedfordshire. “I started this business because I wanted to make something that was special and intentional. I am all about […]

Have you met David Adjei?

The architecture profession tends to be viewed with a narrow scope. Most people aspire to be some version of Norman Foster, wanting to design their own version of the Gherkin. This is the perception of Architecture as an industry, with most companies focusing exclusively on design. “There are so many avenues we can pursue as […]

Meet UK’s only white maize farmer

“Don’t waste your time” – This is what the president of MGA (Maize Growers Association, an independent organisation that identifies information needs for its maize growers) told David Mwanaka, a black entrepreneur, in 1996. He had identified the MGA as his first port of call in helping him to understand how he could make his […]

Interview with Joanna Trotman

Taking Care of Big Hair Do you or your kids have big hair? Are you frustrated and tired of chlorine filled pool water getting into your hair even after your best efforts e.g. using two swimming caps at a time?  Well look no further because JoRae has got you covered. Founded by long term London […]

Interview with Mark Simpson

Black History Studies Black History Studies is a family run social enterprise that was set up to teach black history from an African perspective. Due to a lack of outlets that offered a range of learning opportunities, husband and wife team Mark and Charmaine Simpson (pictured above) decided to set the business up to educate […]

UK’s Patty King

Wade Lyn started Island Delight in the depths of the 1988 recession. Ever since then the company has been feeding the nation with its range of patties, frozen foods and ready meals. Patties are a Jamaican delicacy made from short crust flaky pastry with a variety of fillings such as chilli beef, jerk beef, chicken, […]

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